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right within Slack!

Slack plugin that allows you to quickly find meeting rooms and locate where your coworkers are seated.

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What is SlashMap?

Slack plugin for finding locations around your office

Use handy /map [name] command to get a map with a pin in Slack.
Since it's a Slack plugin, you can use it even on your mobile device.
Looking for a room or coworker? No need to ping anybody!

Browse and manage locations

Straight from the map of your office in a web browser!

Browse the map to see who are you working with.
Easily manage locations, floors, and buildings.
Adding a new location takes only three clicks!

What can you find with SlashMap?

There are plenty of use cases. Discover your own!


Locate where your coworkers are seated.

Meeting rooms

Find meeting rooms, conference rooms, and phone booths.

Common areas

Search for kitchens, game rooms, toilets, gyms, nap rooms, vacant seats, and other common places.

Remote resources

See where remote employees, vendors, and cients are located and check their timezones.

Straightforward setup

Just a few minutes are required to start using SlashMap

Grab a picture of floor plan

It can be a quick picture taken by your phone, hand drawn sketch, or any JPG/PNG/SVG file.

Mark locations

Mark your colleague's locations directly on the map using our web application. One location requires only three clicks!

Easily find everything

Type /map [location name] right in Slack to locate a person or a room.

Why SlashMap?

Get people to know and find each other to boost communication in your organisation

Saves employees time and nerves

Helps you grow by more efficient onboarding

Gets people to know and find each other

All data is kept securely and transferred in a safe manner

Easy to use

Available right within Slack

Works at the blink of an eye

Available on mobile and desktop devices

We don’t store any emails if you don't want to be emailed


We cost a lot less than not knowing where everyone is

Free plan


Per month, per Slack user

  • 2 buildings
  • 2 floors
  • 30 locations
  • 1000 searches per month
  • Email support



Per month, per Slack user

  • 10 buildings
  • 20 floors
  • 1000 locations
  • Unlimited searches
  • Video call support
  • Engineer's assistance in data onboarding



Per month, per Slack user

  • Unlimited buildings
  • Unlimited floors
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited searches
  • 24/7 video call support
  • Engineer's assistance in data onboarding
  • Custom features implementation

Annually: Same as above, but with one month free!

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