Getting started with SlashMap


With SlashMap you can quickly find meeting rooms and locate where your coworkers are seated.

This brief guide will walk you through the setup process, which should take only around 5 minutes.
After this your organization will be ready to take advantage of all SlashMap benefits.

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Setup steps (around 5 minutes)

SlashMap uses Slack account for signing in, so you don't need to create any new account.

Or simply click here to jump directly to the login page.

You may be asked to log in to your Slack account first in case you are not logged in the browser.

You may skip this step for now to see the application first (Option 3).

If you decide to add the plugin to your workspace now (Option 1), please follow instructions from step 3. Adding the plugin to Slack below.

SlashMap allows you to mark locations on an uploaded picture. The picture represents a map of a single floor. Floors are grouped into buildings.

Usernames are prefixed with the "@" sign in order to utilize the autocompletion in Slack.

SlashMap must be added to your Slack workspace in order to use /map [Location name] command in Slack. However, locations can be managed and serched via the web application even if the pluggin is not added to your Slack workspace.

If you added the plugin in the step 1.3., then you can jump to the step 4..

"Add to Slack" button on the top bar is displayed as long as the plugin is not added to the workspace.

You can choose one of three options:
1. If you are the administartor of your workspace you can add the plugin by yourself.
2. If you are not the administartor of your workspace you should copy the link and send it to the administartor. If you do not know who is the aministartor, you can ask your manager or IT team member.
3. This option will prohibit your workspace from using the crucial feature of getting a map in Slack, and other nice improvements such as avatars on the map, and username autocompletion.

Now you need to accept permissions granted to SlashMap. This is the smallest possible set of permisions required by the plugin to work. We ask only for two essential permissions: to get a list of people in your workspace and to add a slash command.

Hooray! At this point, the setup is done!
Now everyone in your Slack workspace can simply type /map to get a map with a marked pin, right in Slack.

To try it out, go to Slack and type /map LOCATION NAME in any conversation.
Remember to replace the LOCATION NAME placeholder with the exact value that you used when adding location in step 2.6.

Keep in mind that the value displayed in the SlashMap must equal the value that you enter in Slack.
For instance ExampleLocation, @ExampleLocation and @Example Location are considered different keywords.

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